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Why So Happy?!

People Love Drama
Why is it so easy to write about pain, hurt, misery and frustration yet so hard to write about being happy? Maybe I feel like people can relate to unhappiness more than they can relate to happiness. Maybe I think only a few close friends appreciate dicussing my happiness because they can relate and everyone else will see me talking about bieng happy as a way of bragging. But ain’t it crazy to feel okay with bragging about your homie’s mma wins or your favorite football team but not about having a healthy marriage and relationship with your son?

Well I’m facing these lopsided feelings going forward. I’m gonna share happy stories… I’ll just have to hope all the happy stories I share touches people as deeply as the sad stories I tell. I’m thinking people need to hear about good decisions and uplifting, inspirational moments. I mean, if you only ever hear about the ignorance surrounding couples then you start to think that’s the norm. Maybe I can help balance the scale. We shall see what the responses say about all this love I need to share.


Until next time, keep on smiling!!

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