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Punk Ass Cop Causes My Car Accident

Homie: “Hey, I saw you got into an accident or something on Friday. You alright?”

ThreeZo: ” Man! You passed by during that time? Crazy.

Believe it or not, a cop was about to run his car into my car head on so I slammed on the breaks and still got hit from behind. See, the cop was the third car at the West Gray westbound red light when he decided to jump into the oncoming traffic eastbound lane and shoot through the intersection. 5 seconds before that my light on Taft St turn green and I proceeded to turn right and immediately encountered this uniformed idiot in a marked car about to ram me dead on, grill to grill. I stopped on a dime but the Honda behind me didn’t. The cop slowed, stared, then sped off. Didn’t even try to offer any aide, or do the right thing and stay around to take the blame.

Physically, I’m fine. Socially, I’m pretty pissed off that I didn’t get this cops patrol car number. A part of me wishes I would have taken the head on collision and made him accountable for his law-breaking, dangerous driving. All I can say now is karma will ensure he gets payback but sometimes that isn’t enough for me. I want to see the justice happen sometimes, I need to see it.

But anyway, thanks for asking. I’m cool, thank God.”

Homie: “Man I definitely feel that! So now you have to deal with the person that rear-ended you although the cop who sped off caused the whole thing. Man…I can understand that you’re pissed off!”



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