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Just For Fun: Lil Dicky – Ex Boyfriend

Dear Inappropriate Friends,

This blogpost is for you!! This episode I share a video by Lil Dicky called Ex Boyfriend. I ran across this video will web surfing like a pro. I couldn’t help but watch it and commenced to laugh my ass off. It’s got a good flow and it’s funny as hell.


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Quick Summary

Man, so Lil Dicky talks about finally getting a chance to bang his fine girlfriend for the first time when he finds out she has only been with one guy, ever.

He’s all excited about being the second lover in her life but while they are out, they run into an Ex-Boyfriend of hers.

Dicky gets intimidated by the Ex and prepares to give up his dreams of being with Katy by breaking up with her.

I had to share this because it is simply hilarious!!


Hope you enjoy this as much as I did and it helps get your week off to a fantastic start.
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