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TZS: Tyrone Hill, Jr. – NBA Finals Prediction

Hello Sports Fans,

This timely ZoCast firmly places my special guest, my big brother, Tyrone Hill, Jr. in the spotlight for his bold 2013 NBA Champion predictions.

ZoCast #36
Listen to his conviction in picking the series winner: TZS: Tyrone Hill, Jr. – NBA Finals Prediction
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Quick Summary
Tonight, we will see if he was spot on or off like a Shaquille O’Neal free throw. That’s why I’m posting this before the Game 7 even starts so he will have no choice but to stick with his pick as it will forever exist in podcast history.

The intensity is fantastic! The anticipation is energizing! The calm before the storm is among us!
game 7b

Junior out on a move, looking like the satisifed customer satisfied the owner…
photo 2

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photo 3

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I hope you enjoy this discussion and weigh in with some of your own predictions for tonight’s outcome.
Thanks for tuning in,
See You At The Top!

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